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Wheel Alignment that Works!

Align anything, anywhere. One machine, one price, no fuss, no muss. Do the job, do it well and do it for decades. That is what a Tru-Line Laser Wheel Alignment System will bring to your shop.

Wheel Alignment that Works!

TL-12 Car/Light Truck Alignment

Accurate, simple, reliable. No rack required. Calibrates in the field. and much more! The cost of ownership on the TL-12 can not be matched by any system in the market. Our units will do everything a system of $40K will do and more. We have no maintenance contracts. The TL-12 is completely portable and can handle any vehicle that rolls up to your shop from small to huge

TL-12 Portable Racing Set-up

Full 4 wheel set up. Accurate to 1/64ths in. Completely mechanical. Cuts set-up time in half! The TR-12 is completely portable weighing less than 100 lbs. You can take the TR-12 to every event and make the changes you need, when you need them, within 1/64th of an inch.

TLT-12 Heavy Duty Truck Trailer

Developed by the leading supplier of lasers to the collision repair and wheel alignment industry, the TLT-12 is unsurpassed in simplicity and reliability, and is accurate to 1/64th in. Accurate, simple, reliable. Single system aligns both trucks and trailers. Can align as many axles as you can fit under a chassis, almost any configuration.* *The standard TLT-12 package can be configured to be used on: Busses, RV class, A & C, Multi-Steer Axle, and independent Tractors or Trailers.

Additional Products

We offers a number of additional products that go hand-in-hand with our Wheel Alignment Systems. Made right here in the USA, these high quality items are ready to help you get the job done! Head Extension, Slip Plates, Turntables, and much more!


I was looking for a wheel alignment system that could handle almost any vehicle I was asked to build, from Battle Wagons to Fast and Furious jump cars to 3 axle police cars. What I found is Tru-Line could handle the wheel alignment, but could also be used in building chassis and frames. 

The computer wheel alignment systems do not have the flexibility or portability we needed, we can afford any system we want and we choose Tru-Line.

Eddie Paul

If you talk to a great majority of chassis builders and race engineers, and ask them how they align their race or street cars, they will probably say to use a tape measure and a string. If someone would have asked us that question, we would have told them the same thing, until we found out about the Tru-Line laser wheel alignment system. 

For years now, Nuformz Racing “thought” we had our race and street cars aligned perfectly. But after using the Tru-Line system, we realized just how far off we were always off. Thanks Tru-Line for everything! We couldn’t have done it without you!”
Mopar Dodge pro front wheel drive NHRA champion.

Shaun Carlson

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your alignment equipment. It is elegant in it’s simplicity and extremely flexible in use.

I have been building/racing cars for over twenty years and have not found a better way to take care of alignment needs.

Accuracy is excellent. It would be a perfect, cost effective choice for anyone from the serious hobbyist to the top professional. It has great repeatability, much better than any computerized machine I have used and is quick to setup and use. Portability makes it a great choice for at track uses as well. I highly recommend Tru-Line to anyone who needs quality alignment equipment.

Mark Nadler

Proudly Made In The USA

All  of our products are developed and manufactured in the USA. We take extreme pride in this fact.